Apr 22, 2013#1

First Name: Mikael
Age: 16
Location: Vestfold, Norway
STEAM ID:STEAM_0:0:13717184

Position(s) applied for: Sound Designer

Years of experience: 3 years of experimenting, creating, collecting, buying, recording sounds.

Why you want to join JSS: To get a challenge, meet new people, and kill time.
Anything else you wish to add: The sounds i have collected and recorded are royality free, that means the sounds i create, can be used if this mod is going to be on steam greenlight.

Please also include links to previous work: ... ds/1246535

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Apr 23, 2013#2

Thanks for applying buddy - I've accepted you into the team.

Have a look at our weapons thread - we could really use someone like you to start making the sounds for them!

Welcome to the team :)