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Feb 10, 2013#1

First Name: JB
Age: 16 (is this realy important ?)
Location: France
STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:32881048
Skype : Ignamarte
Web site: Here

Position applied for: Mapper

Years of experience: 2 and a half
Why you want to join JSS: Because your project looks amazing and i realy want to participate. I have mapped since 2 years for myself, and now, i want to use my skills to help a good project with others people.

Anything i wish to add: I know that i'm not 18, but is that the talent depends on the age ? I realy motivited, and realy like mapping. I particularly like add toons of details in my map, beacause i think this what makes them awsome or not.

Previous work:

Aperture ba_jail map, with a map level ! :

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/33481927/bajail ... ce_v2b.rar

I worked on another ba_jail map in a forest:

Speed mapping on this map :


I also worked on a old zm map, to make her better :

That all, i hope you will accept me !

Best regards, Ignamarte
(i know i sent a mp on game banana, but I found that it was not very well)

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Mar 16, 2013#2

I just add a message to say i'm still interested about this project, and ask how many time i need wait before expecting an answer ? :)
Just in case the previous stuff is not enough, here is a map i'm working on :


Mar 17, 2013#3

Don't worry, Kenty has resolved his PC issues; he should be checking applications again soon.
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