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Jan 10, 2013#1

First Name: Brett
Age: 15
Location: Ohio, USA
STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:37437151

Position(s) applied for: Mapper

Years of experience: 5

Why you want to join JSS: I really want to be with a good group to work on something rather than being with a small group of random people that procrastinate and don't get any work done. Mapping for anything is much easier and funner to do when with a group of people that expect you to get it done. I have worked on a couple of Source mods and both failed because the team was very unstable and lazy. I feel like it would be much better here.

Anything else you wish to add: I know I'm not 18, but I feel that age wouldn't matter for something like mapping. Especially since it's not paid work, or at least I don't expect it to be. I have been mapping for 5 years. I started getting interested in it when I was around 10 and I have been getting better and better ever since. Also, Here's some of my previous work:

CS:GO MiP de_snowfall

Forget About Freeman. Unfinished Source Mod...

SFM barn and farmhouse scene

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Jan 12, 2013#2

Hey Brett, thanks for the interest, soon Kenty will take a look at your application and possibly add you to the dev team.

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